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Ice Hotel in Quebec City

Each year Quebec city literally builds a hotel out of snow and ice. Over 35,000 people have stayed at the ice hotel since it first opened on New Year’s day in 2001. In addition to over 30 guest-rooms, there is an ice cathedral for couples wanting to get married, an ice climbing wall, an ice slide, a bar that serves drinks in ice glasses, a grand hall, indoor heated bathrooms and outdoor hot tubs. The impressive structure takes over a month to build with 50 workers!

Sleeping in an Ice Hotel

Snow Castle

This was a pretty challenging snow structure to build! Since we didn’t have a big pile of snow, we had to make one. Here are the steps:

  1. Gather snow and load it into a form made out of plywood, or any other large flat objects like folding tables etc.

    Piling up snow into forms to build a castle out of snow.
    Making a snow castle the hard way!
  2. The fun part is carving out the castle!

    Having fun with snow
    Carving out a snow castle
  3. The finished castle

    A castle made of snow with two towers, a draw bridge and two entrances.
    The completed castle with a big room inside and two peep-holes!
  4. View of the snow castle at night!

    Nicely lit snow castle on cold Christmas night
    Views of the snow castle at night